Dorians Challenge

The Dorians’ Challenge consists of three themed obstacle runs, including a timed race, held on a single day over 5 – 12 km of varied terrain. With 15 – 22 obstacles per course, on a par with similar events held elsewhere in the world, and themes inspired from the ancient Greek Dorian tribe, as well as Greek mythology and history, each course is designed to challenge the strength, endurance, perseverance, mental toughness and team spirit of participants of all ages and fitness levels.

A festival is held at the end of each event where participants, spectators and contributors celebrate their achievements with food, drink and music.

Dorians’ Challenge is also a community. We are an open source of information with advice on physical fitness, nutrition and mental well-being, to help you both prepare for the runs and the race and improve your performance, as well as lead a healthier lifestyle, even if you’re not planning to take part in any of the runs.

We aim to become the largest mass participatory sports event in Cyprus and an internationally recognised brand.

Our goal is to inspire and influence as many people as possible to lead a Dorian lifestyle, challenging themselves to face life’s obstacles and overcome them.
An essential part of our culture is that no man is an island. Cultivating a team spirit to overcome adversity is what we’re all about and it is in this spirit that we support a number of worthy causes.


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