Music unites us, expressing their desires, our passions, brings memories, sweet nostalgia gives us meaning, reason being, rouses us, upsets us, shakes us, speaking our language, it touches our soul, breaks bones and awakens consciousness ... This Rock will never end !!

Nicolas Filitas (Voice)
Giorgos Georgiadis (Voice)
Georgia Lardos (Voice)
Philippe Zilfo (Guitars-Keys)
Constantinos Constantinou (Guitars)
Andreas Paraschos (Bass)
Frederick Zilfo (Drums)

POSSIBLE MELODIES, inexhaustible and ENERGY STAGE AUTHENTICITY. With respect to music, their creators and Songs. That we loved from the world of Greek Rock scene and not only ...

The PROSPECTUS is one of the most renowned Cypriot bands and composed by some of the best musicians and performers that exist in our country. Main characteristic, the electricity passion and dynamic presence in each instance! Their course and long-term stable presence in Clubs throughout Cyprus shows that have great appeal and acceptance of the world for what they offer.
Collaborate and make very frequent joint appearances and concerts with the biggest names in Greek rock scene.
They appear in Clubs all over Cyprus. The summer season finds them in a continuous tour with appearances in several concerts and festivals.
With modesty and respect towards the public and the music they represent have the broader philosophy to keep alive the good Greek music and offer an oasis of civilization against the rottenness and meanness of our times.
Soon, they intend to accomplish a very important work, something entirely their own, the characteristics and their position.


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  • Cell Phone 97837633
  • City Nicosia

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