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I have always been fascinated by how certain colors, items of clothing, jewelry and accessories, have the ability to change moods or express emotions. Growing up with a very ‘classy’ mother who refused to be seen in public without gold jewelry and without her shoes matching her purse, I began experimenting with different styles at a young age so that I could create my own unique look. I have always believed that clothing and the right accessories can transform a person into a walking piece of art. Fashion speaks to me on a personal level. I love how fashion is inspired by all different kinds of art, music, history, and culture. For me, fashion is creative, seductive, whimsical, and a form of art and self-expression. Accessories make an outfit go from simple to unique and different, since they’re what give the finishing touch… So many looks can be created alone with accessories. Their versatility and capacity to make an outfit even more appealing and interesting are what draw me to them. I remember how fascinated I was by the beauty of Cleopatra’s gold jewelry during my first visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and how I wanted them all for myself. I have always had an affinity for gold jewelry, and I denied wearing anything else (Raiding the gold section of my favorite jeweler Nikos Ioannou’s store was a common occurrence, to say the least). However, the passage of years and the constant evolution of fashion have made me more willing to wear all different styles and colors of jewelry. I am inspired by everything around me, but one of the most inspiring things to me is the style of the women of the 1920s. The ‘20s marked the beginning of feminine liberation, both in terms of lifestyle and fashion. Their freedom was expressed through intricate and very elegant designs that were beautifully coordinated and accessorized with jewelry that represented the trends and glamor of that time. Creating RubyRose was not something that I planned on doing; it was more of a decision that I took on a whim, so that I could satisfy and please both myself and others around me by doing something that is so close to my heart. Through its creation, I hope to motivate people to start accessorizing more and become more daring and unique when it comes to their personal style. In the words of the famous jeweler Harry Winston, “People will stare. Make it worth their while”. Elena K.


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