Vino Cultura

Vino Cultura Wine and Tapas bar is here to offer a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for wine and food lovers, to enjoy their wine accompanied with exceptional food in the form of enjoyable delectable small plates…in an affordable price value

Vision Statement: To enhance people’s knowledge and offer a unique experience in pairing the right wine with the right food

Our Goal: To become the preeminent wine destination in Cyprus… Our goal is to keep our customer for a lifetime. The easiest means to that is by offering unique dining experiences, as well as the best environment in which to discover and expand one’s tastes 

Our Beliefs: Quality is our PRIORITY. Quality for us is not just the food or the wine itself; it is a long process like Odysseus journey to Ithaca. To reach our destination we follow a hard path in order to select the best raw materials, apply the right storage procedures, advanced preparation techniques, treat food presentation as art, and finally give our GUESTS the ultimate wine and dining experience!!!

a. Wine is NOT for the eclectic few. Here you will always have at least 30 wines to try by the glass at the best prices

b. For every dish we use ONLY the best raw materials sourced from every corner of the planet

c. Excellent Customer Service is standard operating procedure. We will do whatever it takes to provide our customers with “Great Wines and Great Food at Reasonable Prices.”

d. Extensive wine and food training of our STAFF in a monthly basis to ensure that our GUESTS are getting the best wine and food experience

Our Promise:

In all ways, we promise to be scrupulously honest. We’ll never encourage you to buy more than you need or more expensive than you can afford



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Mon-Thu:     6:00 pm-1:00 am
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