Ta Piatakia

Ta Piatakia is a constantly evolving tribute to a lifetime in the food and people business and just one visit is usually all it takes to embark on your gastronomic journey.

What you get is the delectable offspring of a passionate love affair between Roddy and the smorgasbord of fresh ingredients Cyprus has to offer. It’s been three decades since Roddy began his official relationship with food and after many awards and compliments, his recipe for success could probably be described as the perfect blend of his culinary creations, served in a warm and comfortable atmosphere and presented by people who are up to Roddy’s challenge of taking care of his guests in his special way.

The restaurant enjoys ninety percent repeat business, with some guests even stretching back all the way to his first two restaurants who may have celebrated twenty-firsts, engagements and weddings; they are now bringing their own children to be educated the Piatakia way.

It only takes one visit to Ta Piatakia to soak up the atmosphere and savour the shared pleasure of all the guests enjoying one of the best dining experiences Cyprus has to offer.

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