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I have always believed that hard work, passion and taking pride in whatever it is you do, are the key components of success. My goal is to produce the best xl bullies money can buy with correct confirmation, temperament and a polish pedigree! After studying these dogs for the last 10 years, by attending many shows, visiting several kennels and meeting many breeders, I was able to hand pick the best dogs for my program here at american extreme bullies. The journey was long and difficult but with patience and careful planning I am happy to say that I really do have some of the best dogs in the game...Period. My goal is not just to breed, but breed to excel and to produce the best american bullies possible....With big blocky heads and xtreme bully frames! Now, I know that this is a ballzy statement and that all breeders claim that their dogs and breeding are the best but it will only take you a couple of minutes to scroll threw my pages and realize right away that I really don't just talk the talk but I walk the walk. I know my dogs and prices are not for everyone but I also know first hand that quality is priceless!!! Thank you for visiting my page!


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