Jimmy's Kitchen Cafe

Jimmy is the owner and manager, but above all your host at Jimmy’s kitchen. Born into a family of restaurant owners, Jimmy has hospitality in his blood. Over decades in the industry, he has also experienced first-hand the diversification of restaurants, from grab-and-go budget bites to 5-star gourmet dining rooms. Now he’s ready to present his very own brand of eatery.

What is Jimmy’s Kitchen?

• It’s a new restaurant in a class of its own.

• It’s a genuine alternative to cooking and/or entertaining at home.

• It serves a delicious, seasonal, mixed menu of home-style cooking.

• It focuses on all-fresh, delicious food cooked in premium cookware to preserve flavour and nutritional value.

• It’s a meeting point for a meal among colleagues and friends, or just a coffee and dessert.

• It’s a happy-people place with personality – Jimmy’s personality.

• It’s the essence of hospitality, where you are treated as Jimmy’s personal guests.

• It offers value for money. • It’s different.


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Mon: 12:00 - 15:00
Tue - Sat: 12:00 - 15:00 - 19:00 - 23:00

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