“The Japanese believe that food should satisfy all your senses”. It should always be prepared with great care and beautifully presented. Fresh selected ingredients combined in ways that satisfy your vision as well as your palette, prepared with meticulous care.

At Nippon Blue- Sushi & Seafood Room we preserve these principles with the aim to make your visit a unique experience. Nippon Blue – Sushi & Seafood Room offers a new concept to its clientele. A new Casual Dining Option from Tuesday – Saturday a daily buffet with an alternative suggestion for your daily escapes. We offer an alternative suggestion for your daily dinner, your new Sushi and Seafood Destination. Your new low price and fast dinning option at Breeze Venue by the Sea.

Dedicated on Nippon Blue- Sushi & Seafood Room to become your place to go, your place to relax with the view of the sea and also your place for a journey of taste by enjoying our Sushi & Seafood Buffet featuring, Asiatic notes and Mediterranean seafood selections where you can enjoy a variety of Maki rolls, salads, other Japanese dishes accompanied with a warm and friendly service. The buffet includes 19 dishes of Fusion Japanese cuisine having the choice of cold and hot dishes, salads and dessert. Furthermore you have the choice to enrich your dinner with selected dishes from our chef.

At Nippon Blue- Sushi & Seafood Room we present an alternative suggestion for your Sunday evening outings – the «I love Greek Sunday’s» a successful entertainment recipe combined with Japanese flavours, a well known statute. Every Sunday from 18:00pm. 

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