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PikNik In The Lab / Live at Mason

Mason Bar Music & Nightlife 16

Melody Lab's mad scientists & PikNik's artisans present to you the latest experiment. Catch them on the 27th of April at Mason to experience what they are really cooking in the nomadic lab because after all, your ears deserve feeding too. Expect plenty of compact melodies to be thrown into our test tubes. Melody Lab is a collective of visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs with a mission to cook up barrels of melodies for all music enthusiasts. We unite in our nomadic lab to feed you with the latest musical experiments. As a growing community, we connect renowned and upcoming artists via our live sessions and podcast series to construct wonderful experiences. ☞ Melody Lab Soundcloud:https://goo.gl/vFL2YC ☞ Melody Lab Youtube https://goo.gl/FdX9M9 ☞ Melody Lab Instagram:https://goo.gl/og43ES ☞ PikNik Facebook: https://goo.gl/U1YXM7 ☞ PikNik Instagram: https://goo.gl/Q9YrUD Free Entrance Info: 99878920 10 Zik Zak St.

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