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Constantinos Jewels is an exclusive jewellery boutique positioned in a prime location at the Maximos Plaza in Limassol, Cyprus. This elegant boutique enchants any visitor with its exquisite selection of refined hand-made jewellery. Marvellous fine jewellery pieces made out of diamonds, fine gems and semi precious stones, everything from glamorous necklaces to delicate charms are all part of the vast collection in the boutique. The unique style and quality of Constantinos Jewels have made these outstanding pieces proud possessions and unforgettable gifts of so many happy clients. Constantinos Jewels was founded in 1999, followed by the boutique opening in 2002. The founder and creative designer of the brand – Constantinos Paphitis – was captivated by the jewellery arts at the young age of thirteen when he first stepped in to a jewellery workshop in Limassol during one hot Summer day. Constantinos was at that moment sure that this is what he wanted to do and thus he became an apprentice and worked as hard and as long as he could over the next four summers before moving to Italy to study at the Le Arti Orafe jewellery school in Florence. After successfully completing his education at Le Arti Orafe Constantinos moved to the United Kingdom to further develop his knowledge at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain with gemmology studies and diamond grading. Driven by his passion for beautiful jewellery and highly influenced by fashion trends, Constantinos designs his pieces with utmost attention to detail and professional dedication, bringing happiness to his clients and capturing their special moments.


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