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Our company trades Professional Refrigerators/ Freezers, Stainless Steel products, Catering Equipment and Food-Processing Equipment. We have the solution to all your professional needs. The company was founded in 1972 and it is therefore one of the oldest companies in the field. It begun as a workshop that provided technical support and service. In time the company created its own production line which met a huge success in the local market.

With investments and good care of its products and procedures, year – by – year the company improved its quality to the best level. It now offers great products at affordable prices, followed by the best service. In 1982 Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd began exporting its product mainly to Arab countries and Greece and continues to do so until today. Since 1988 the company has also began manufacturing and distributing stainless steel products and hotel and restaurant catering equipment. Since then Alaska Refrigerators Industry Ltd has established itself as one of the leaders in the field, having supplied numerous hotels with its products.

At present we take pride in manufacturing and distributing commercial refrigerator units (Bottle coolers, display refrigerators, walk-in refrigerators, cold rooms, counter refrigerators, bottle refrigerators and freezer refrigerators), stainless steel products (counters, tables, shelves, sink units and other products) and catering equipment for hotels and restaurants of any kind including food processing equipment. The company has already aligned its manufacturing process with European and International Health requirements and standards. It has recently been granted the ISO 9001: 2000 verification, which is an internationally approved quality system. Furthermore in the effort to improve product quality, the company has initiated the process of verifying its whole production line with the C.E Marking verification.

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